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Hessdalen Light release video “Khajiit Has Wares, If You Have Coin”

Hessdalen Light began in early 2015 as a solo bedroom project of Tanner Thornton while he was pursuing a mechanical engineering degree at the University of Florida. Enamored with the creative freedom that instrumental progressive rock music allowed, Thornton sought to turn his bedroom hobby into a full-fledged creative endeavor, and eventually release his music as an EP. He has since released two instrumental EPs and most recently, has a nerdy single “Khajiit Has Wares, If You Have Coin” ready to take you into Elsweyr. They comment:

“It was the 4th song written for our upcoming album but it really stuck with us so we decided to prioritize it as a standalone single. The song is structured in true prog fashion, where each part flows independently into the next and no parts repeat. This creates a fun, adventurous type of experience for the listener as they journey through it. We also tried out some new delays and other modulation effects on this song, and intend to showcase that newer style throughout the rest of the album.”

“Khajiit Has Wares, If You Have Coin” elicits feelings of being young again and going for an adventure. With its progressive structure, like many of their songs, none of the parts repeat and there are no true “choruses” or “verses”. This makes the song feel like more of a linear journey to the listener.

Hessdalen Light hints that this single is only the tip of the iceberg, and it will be part of their debut full-length album. In the beginning, they had more of a cleaner, traditional math rock type of sound, however, more recently, their sound has shifted towards the general prog rock realm.

Fun and adventurous, Hessdalen Light provides an excellent soundtrack for gaming, relaxing, and partying. They are recommended for Chon, The Fall of Troy, Polyphia and Dance Gavin Dance.

Watch and listen to the music video for “Khajiit Has Wares, If You Have Coin”:

Photo Credit: Brandon Cole