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Hewolf released new video for “Go All the Way”

Almost a month has passed since the release of the album “Iron Survivor 2: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” EP and the US heavy sleaze-metal outfit Hewolf gives to the masses a brand-new video for the track “Go All The Way”.

The song is about our penchant for risk that is within many of us. It is a road full of dangers (in the video represented by a forest in flames) but which we decide to take to feed the inner thrill of the challenge against the unknown. The vocalist and bassist Paul Burnette commented:

“The video for Go All the Way is about the fierce struggle to perform and survive in the eyes of danger. It’s about inner focus, passion, and the delicate balance of one’s confidence that teeters within. Mental ammunition is key when arduous avenues splay beneath your feet. Many people never face life-affecting challenges, but most that do are those who seek them. Some cannot live without the unrest. There is a fire within that pulls towards danger. For some the only way to extinguish this fire is in death.”