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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Hewolf’s new video “Nothing Is Over” stands out against the American Dream

The time has come! Today Virginia-based power trio Hewolf has released the new “Iron Survivor 2: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” EP, a catchy dark dirty triple-threat of heavy sleaze-metal! To celebrate the event, the band posted a brand-new video for the song “Nothing Is Over”.

The video retrieves old archive footage to stand out against the American Dream. Using fitness as metaphor, Hewolf tells us about the Failure of a society based on self-improvement. Failure is also the keyword of the movie “Iron Survivor 2: Rock Always Wins”, of which the EP is the soundtrack. A movie that has never been released, telling the story of Danny Laredo who failed in the Rock Paper Scissors Competitions. Regarding the main character and the parable of his existence, the vocalist and bassist Paul Burnette commented:

“We tried to channel the environment around the defeated hero and the wisdom passed on from a prophetic master. We hoped to capture the attitude of rebounding back from your lowest point and heading straight to the top to challenge everything in your way.”