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Hootenanny Freaks releases a new hot rocking and hard kicking single

“Girl On Fire ”is the second single release from the Hootenanny Freaks´ upcoming album. The song is a hot hardrock drive with heavy bass and thundering drums as well as catchy guitar riffs. In the music video there is a spectacular fire show by “Firelady”.

Hootenanny Freaks is a hard drivin’ rock and roll band from Finland. They play traditional Hard Rock with a strong attitude and heartbeat. The band’s music has been strongly influenced by old school rock bands. In October 2020, the band released their first single called “Isolation” from their upcoming album and it was well received among hard rock fans around the world.

Pepe Tamminen (vocals)
Esko Kemell (guitar)
Aapo Häyrinen (guitar and keyboards)
Marko Leino (bass)
Marko Kuurne (drums)