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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Human Failure will release their new single “Kick It” via Riot Records

Newcastle Australian Punks Human Failure release their new single “Kick It” via Riot Records on 9th March.

“Kick It” is a furious and brutal short burst of thrashy, crusty, metallic Hardcore and comes off their upcoming EP “Urchin”.

Human Failure:

‘’This track is about humanity’s problem with suicide and have and have nots. It’s crappy how society treats each other as a whole. The high amount of youth suicide that happens every day, no matter what your background is.’’ 

Human Failure is a hardcore, punk, crust, metal band from Newcastle, Australia. Spawned out of the scummy streets with members from some of the most scumbag bands to hit stages up and down the coast of Australia. The music is fast, in your face, F.U., full-throttle hardcore that will put you on your toes till you lose all self-awareness. The band was formed a few years ago and now with a defined membership of full-on doom lords and scum bags, it is solid as concrete.