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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Hungarian black metal horde Svalinn’s Rift released EP

Svalinn’s Rift was formed late 90s in Hungary, but as active project back after over two decades. They have already released debut record – EP titled “Unpenitent Era” which consist four brand new tracks in the style of Norwegian black metal from the early 90s. This record was released 24th February 2022 as independent digital and is available on Youtube and Bandcamp. Lyrically this EP tells about Norse mythology and Vikings battles. Music was recorded and produced at home band studio.

Band stated about “Unpenitent Era”:

“Our first EP is a kind of obeisance for the Norse Mythology over and above its nature permeates the essence of the Viking lifestyle. Moreover what could be more appropriate to express the mood associated with it than Black Metal. After all, the beauty of the devastation done during the territorial conquests and the pagan spirituality are matched with our feelings, which we express through our music

We have a small project studio, there was no question of whether the work would take place elsewhere. We were able to take full advantage of it, both in terms of scheduling the recordings and polishing the imagined raw and aggressive sound. We also did the digital post-production on the cover artwork and the compositing from the base images”.