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Hyl unveil their debut album of powerful, atmospheric black metal

Hyl are a new black metal entity, brought to life to give form and shape to the creative outpourings of Rick Costantino (Schizo, Krigere Wolf etc). With infamous vocalist Shadow (Black Altar, Ofermod etc) and renowned drummer Krzysztof Klingbein (Vader, Belphegor) joining Costantino in his endeavours, Hyl’s debut album, “Where Emptiness Is All”, has been summoned forth from the darkness. An album of remarkable, immersive atmosphere and deeply melancholic and introspective in nature, Where Emptiness Is All has the power to transport listeners to desolate places of cold solitude and unforgiving contemplation.

The album begins with the haunting tones of introduction, “Pvrification”, a spell that ushers you across the shadow border between a world of mundane comforts and the mind focussing chill of “Where Emptiness Is All”. From there, the aptly named “Into The Unknown” sweeps you away into the blizzard where all that was certain is undone. The icy, evocative riffs storm across the bleak terrain carved out by Klingbein’s elemental drumming while the imposing vocals howl from the surrounding mountain peaks. Each paean to the abyss within tumbles into the next as the album carries you through revelation and reassessment. From the sorrow laden steps of “And Everything Dies” to the unnerving soundscape of “Under A Watching Sky”, each track on Where Emptiness Is All is a windswept monument of breathtaking presence. This is the magic that black metal can be when it is forged by souls that understand its essence.

In the experienced hands of Dionysis Dimitrakos (Enshadowed, Burial Hordes etc) from Descent Studio in Athens and ex-Marduk man Devo Andersson (Denouncement Pyre, Ragnarok etc) at Endarker Studio, Where Emptiness Is All has been given the sound it needs to capture and enthral and Claudia Sanzà of Elysivm Artwork has brought her own magic to the album’s artwork and lyrics. Odium Records will unveil the cold majesty of “Where Emptiness Is All” this spring, allowing the freezing miasma of Hyl to hold back the onset of the warmth and rebirth. Brave the onset of night and discover the secrets that only solitude can reveal. .