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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Hyperia release new video

Mosh your way to the forest of thrash where the Coven awaits for you to join “The Serpent’s Cycle”, the latest music video for the title track from Vancouver’, BC’s Hyperia forthcoming third full-length out on November 17th.

“This is the first song that was fully written for the album. It is a heavy and unrelenting track that encompasses everything Hyperia is about – intricate guitar work, heavy-hitting bass, fast drums, and wailing powerful vocals, a perfect title track to show what the album is all about.” adds the band.

Hyperia’s new thrash attack “The Serpent’s Cycle” marks a new era for Hyperia. This album has some of the most aggressive thrash metal the band has ever written paired with lots of melodic vocal and guitar work along with a new invigorating lineup that welcomes Ryan Idris on drums and Jon Power on bass to join husband and wife Colin and Marlee Ryley. It consists of everything Hyperia stands for shred, speed, and intricacy.

Hyperia wants fans to have their faces blown off by “The Serpent’s Cycle”. The ten-track album (plus a cover of Heart’s “Crazy On You”) will be appreciated by musicians and non-musicians alike. The songs vary enough to keep the pacing fresh throughout and there’s something for everyone on it.

When it comes to live performances, Hyperia takes pride in making them memorable and thinks the visual aspect is equally if not more important than the music. Especially with thrash metal, they want to create a party atmosphere – when all of them are having a genuinely fun time on stage they think it encourages the audience to go hard too. This energy is conveyed through “The Serpent’s Cycle”, which is recommended for fans of Havok, Municipal Waste, Lost Society, and Children Of Bodom.

Photo Credit – Caitlin Delaplace