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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Illusory premiere “Ashes To Dust” feat Grigoris Valtinos

Pyrisous, Aeacides, Aemonius, Aspetos, Larissaeus, Ligyron, Nereius, Pelides, Phthius, Podarkes…

Some of the names of the greatest warrior of all time. The myth amongst the living and the departed.

Achilles, the main character of Iliad, the glorious king, the fearless leader, the ideal soldier… On the other hand, the allegory… He who wanders in grief.

Homer’s epic poem in the hands of the righteous, catapulted in a dystopian reality, becoming a cultural heritage for the future.

Illusory presents “Ashes To Dust”, a heroic rhapsody, taken off their third album, “Crimson Wreath”. Illustrious actor/director Grigoris Valtinos is the leading man in a story which exemplifies the essence of a fable across a path walked by the bravest and honored by the scholars of the world. This short film is about an epic manifesto, a darkening day to come and everlasting hope.

Director: Maria Chatzigianni aka M-Word

Cinematography – DOP: Markellos Plakitsis

Assistant Director – Kinesiology: Ioanna Korina Palaska

Wardrobe: Despina Chimona

Hair and Make-up: Elena Theodorou

Production Assistant: Kalliopi Karamani

Backstage Photographs: Cristina Alossi

Starring: Grigoris Valtinos and Deedinos Theodorou