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Induction unveil brand-new hymn “A Call Beyond”

Right after being featured in a documentary about the future of metal on Germany’s public TV station SWR, unstoppable progressive symphonic power metal machine Induction return with another uplifting new song to prove that they are indeed the spearheads of the next power metal generation. “A Call Beyond” shows that the band never rest but are always eager to push forward and to release new music – only six months after the release of their sophomore album “Born From Fire”! The track takes listeners on an epic and melodic journey through what it means to be human, to resist, to rise up, to fall and to succeed. Bathed in the rich orchestration of the independent French composer Peter Crowley, this mid-tempo song, awakened by lead singer Craig Cairns’ soaring vocals, will surely leave a feeling of awe.

Guitarist Tim Kanoa Hansen states:

“In a way, this song is the thematic follow-up to our fan favourite title ‘Scorched.’ Chaos breaks loose on earth, up is down, right is wrong, light is dark. Ethereal voices call you to follow and fight as well as lead into a new, better world. It’s a call to stand up and to realise the potential paradise we live in, to embrace progress and to resist the tyrants that are in control of the masses.”

Recently, Induction got confirmed as openers of the “Nordic Power Metal Titans Tour 2023” which features Finnish power metal heavyweights Sonata  Arctica and Stratovarius and will lead the trek all across Europe.

Hansen adds:

“Our latest album »Born From Fire« has been received very positively during its release tour at the end of last year, but this was just the beginning. We can’t wait to present it to many more power metal hungry fans around Europe in autumn. Warming up the crowds for such influential giants of the scene will make it an even more special experience for sure. Induction are already starting their high-power engines – and you better do the same. Get your tickets and we’ll see you on the road!”

Last but not least, the group will end the lyear with a blast by supporting legendary act Accept in Germany.

The band comment:

“We are joining forces with Accept this year in December for two dates. It will be some special shows for us playing in the Tim Hansen’s [guitars] hometown Hamburg and in Dominik Gusch’s [bass] hometown Cologne!”