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Monday, October 18, 2021

Infamous Stiffs have released new single and all-star video “Freak Parade”

Southern California Punk Rock act Infamous Stiffs have released a storming new single and all-star video “Freak Parade”, available now on all digital platforms via Die Laughing/Golden Robot Records.

It’s the summer of 2020 at the peak of the Covid 19 global pandemic. California is on lockdown. So what do you do if you’re Infamous Stiffs and just finished recording your album? Make a video with all of your favorite friends…socially distanced and safely, of course.

Shot in LA, “Freak Parade” is a tribute to all of us, young and old, who for better or worse have to do life our own way. The video was Directed by Gabby O’Neill and edited by Nathan “Karma” Cox, with Director of Photography, Christopher Blauvelt. Jack Grisham of TSOL is your narrator.

The Video Cast reads as a who’s who of the Punk scene. Look for appearances from:
Jack Grisham – TSOL
Noodles – The Offspring
Axel G. Reese – The Gears
Johnny 2 Bags – Social Distortion
Rikk Agnew – Adolescents
Tim Armstrong Rancid, Transplants
Greg Hetston – Circle Jerks, Bad Religion
Howie Pyro – D Generation, Danzig
Marko 72 – Sugarcult
Farrell Holtz – Decry
JP Sin – Narcoleptic Youth
Jula Bell – Bulimia Banquet
Clint Weinrich – Guttermouth
Shepard – Pigmy Love Circus
Annie Hardy (solo artist)
Alisa Wood (solo artist)
Jeff Hilliard (You Tube Personality)

Infamous Stiffs signed to Die Laughing/Golden Robot records in December of 2020. “Freak Parade” from their upcoming debut album Kill For The Sound produced by David Irish is out on digital platforms. A full 13 song digital release and a limited edition 12” vinyl LP will follow.

Formed in 2019 in Southern California, the members of Infamous Stiffs have spent decades playing punk rock ‘n’ roll in various incarnations…all roads leading to the sonic condition that is Infamous Stiffs. A relentless assault of loud infectious hooks and shakes, that’ll make you move!