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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

INNO release new single “The Seed” (Aurora cover)

Italian dark metallers INNO – featuring current and former members of Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hour Of Penance, The Foreshadowing and Novembre- are premiering the new single “The Seed” (Aurora cover). 

“We are big fans of Aurora. As many out there, we consider ‘The Seed’ to be one of her most powerful and beautiful songs yet. When Elisabetta pitched us the idea of this cover, it felt like the perfect choice.
We are fascinated with the idea of the seed, blindly wondering the earth to fulfil its existence and evolve into something more complex, deeper, organic.
Our take on the arrangement is a mix of all we feel INNO can bring to the table, yet respecting the song and focusing on the emotions this beautiful piece of music can bring to the listener.
In the video you can see Elisabetta performing the song while floating in water, surrounded by flowers and plants, exploring all the phases of this voyage, to then end on a deep reflection of what we, as humans, are doing to our environment.
We wanted to underline the powerful message of the song, adding layers that take this track well into the INNO sound.
The video has been carefully crafted by Elisabetta and the amazingly talented Luca Fantini”.

INNO’s debut album, “The Rain Under”, released in 2020, is still available via Time To Kill Records.

“The Rain Under” was produced by the band and mixed by Marco Mastrobuono and Giuseppe Orlando in Rome. Mastering was handled by renowned Danish producer Jacob Hansen  Last but not least, the cover artwork was created by Decline Design.

“The Rain Under” tracklist:

1. Suffocate
2. The Hangman
3. Pale Dead Sky
4. The Last Sun
5. Night Falls
6. To Go Astray
7. Goliath
8. Scorched
9. Misericordia
10. High Hopes (Pink Floyd cover)

Emerging out of the Roman metal scene in 2017, INNO was founded by four veterans with the aim to create something that would differ from their past experiences within the metal world.

After spending a few months exploring their dormant influences, INNO came to shape a dark, doomy, heavy and progressive sound akin to eclectic acts such as Katatonia and The Gathering.