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Intöxicated unveils new single “Sex, Violence & Death”

German Rock n’ Roll/speed/thrash band Intöxicated is back after 10 years with their upcoming album “Sadistic Nightmares”. The follow-up album to their highly acclaimed debut “Röck’n Roll Hellpatröl” features eight songs that bridge the gap between snotty Rock’n Roll and classic speed/thrash metal in their very own way. The album is set to be released on May 5th, but fans can now get a first taste with the release of the digital single “Sex, Violence & Death”.

The band is excited to present “Sadistic Nightmares” full of sweat and dirty rock that doesn’t deny its influences but still comes across as fresh and unspent. The complete tracklist can be found below and includes songs such as “Merciless”, “Sadistic Night”, and “Howling with the Wolves”.

Intöxicated has gained a loyal following with their signature sound that combines elements of Rock n’ Roll and thrash metal. For fans of the genre, this album promises to be a real treat.