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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Inverno are premiering the new single “Martyrs”

Italian metallers Inverno are premiering the new single “Martyrs”. 

Inverno are a new Italian metal band whose line-up comprises Diego Cavallotti (Lacuna Coil), Danilo Arisi (Avelion), Daniele Salomone (ex D With Us), Nicola Pedrali (Genus Ordinis Dei) and Simone Orizio (ex A Hero Named Coward).

“Martyrs” is the fourth single released by Inverno: a song that once again refines the band’s formula with edgy riffs, abundant and vitalizing tempo changes, growling vocals and catchy yet sharp choruses.

The lyrics, music and video further develop the concept of “Hollow”, “Lands” and “Roots”, the three singles preceding “Martyrs”. Inner conflict is still the main theme, as we’re often poor arbiters of our own emotions and desires.

Watch for more details on other upcoming Inverno activities to be posted shortly.