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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Iron Rule presents video from new EP

Iron Rule is an American band which play metallic hardcore / deathcore. Comprised of vocalist Daniel Lopez, guitarist Mike Monterone, bassist Nick Paredes, and drummer Curtis Slater, Iron Rule sets out to unleash a vicious aural assault on all of their listeners with their aggressive vocals, slamming breakdowns, and punishing drums beats.

30th June, 2023 tohegther with 1134 Recordings they released new EP titled “Soul Death”. Music was mixed and mastered by Brandon Beaulieu. Cover artwork was done by Noah Zark from Zark Metal Promotion and Artwork.

Band already released new video done by Dany Carpenter from Bound By Blood Production.

Band commentary about “Soul Remover” song:

“Soul Remover is a ground-shaking, crowd-stirring anthem. The track kicks off with a breakdown as potent as a meteor strike, layered with down-tempo chugging and aggressive vocals that oscillate between hardcore shouting and eardrum-shattering gutturals. This track is a tribute to those with a refined taste in the genre, a composition promising to stir a mosh pit as cataclysmic as a nuclear blast during a live event.

The lyrics of Iron Rule pull no punches. With Soul Remover, they brazenly confront those spreading hate and deception. They challenge the distorted societal notion that labels you a bully for standing against slander. Firmly rooted in beatdown and hardcore values, Iron Rule calls out those who should have kept their ill-advised words to themselves.

The track also showcases a crushing contribution from Jay Muller of the Total Deathcore-signed band “Reminitions,” resulting in a progressively intensifying breakdown that amplifies the track’s potency. This collaboration reflects the solidarity within the Californian music scene, echoing powerfully in every pulsating note”.