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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Italian melodic doom-death metallers For The Storms announced album details

Time To KIll Records is extremely excited to announce a collaboration with Italian melodic doom-death metallers For The Storms. On April 21st 2022 the Italian label will officially release the band’s debut album “The Grieving Path” in CD format.

Devotees of intense and brooding melodic death-doom metal in the vein of October Tide and Swallow The Sun have a new band to champion.

For The Storms is a melodic doom-death metal – based project born in 2019 in Brescia (northern Italy) from some of the ex-members of Shantak. The name suggests a feeling of overwhelming discomfort and acceptance coming from the awareness of the shape of life itself, a dirge for darker times. Bereavement, visions of afterlife and introspection are the topics of “The Greaving Path”.

1. For The Storms to Come
2. Tombless
3. Just Another Skull
4. A Downfall
5. Unbound