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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Jack McBannon releases new video for single “Together”

German singer-songwriter Jack McBannon began his consistent career as a real DIY artist. His last two studio albums were written, recorded and produced by himself, a strong nod to his passion and persistence as an artist.

Jack McBannon has just released his brand new single, “Together”, via Rodeostar/Napalm Records, taken from his upcoming emotive new album, “True Stories”, to be released on February 19, 2021.

With “Together”, Jack McBannon describes what we all can see when we watch today’s world:

“A huge amount of people watch this world more or less through their phones by believing everything they read there and by wasting most of their time on their smart phones. But all the problems out there can only be solved together and not by believing lies that divide us.”

“Together” is a song filled with energy and Jack McBannon’s voice fits just perfectly with this stadium rock ballad that will connect every listener with its huge chorus.

True Stories is more than just another singer-songwriter album, it’s a trademark, Jack McBannon ’s individual musicality is not only audible, but perceptible with every note he plays and sings. His warm and slightly raspy voice coalesces with his music to create a unique sound combining modern acoustic rock, blues and country, paired with incredibly personal lyrics.

Photo Credit: Frank Metzemacher