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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Join black metal ceremony on Sunday at Atom with Groza and Kolac

The increasingly popular German black metallers Groza will perform for the first time in Belgrade, Serbia, and their black metal brothers, Kolac, will share the stage with them.

Tickets price is 1,300 dinars and are available. On the day of the show tickets will cost 1,500 dinars.Club Atom opens its gates at 20:00, and the concert starts at 20:45.

“We are very much looking forward to our arrival in Serbia because we have never played there before. I expect
that it will be a show to remember, and I invite everyone to come with us to Atom on Sunday
they celebrate cold and darkness”,

said P.G. from Groza.

“Kolac has already played in Belgrade. Kolac in Belgrade this year as well. But anyone who watched Kolac live knows that he wants to look at him again! Plus, we’re in the middle of recording new material, so if the audience is at the same level as it always is, maybe we’ll treat them to something new. In any case, the ultimate stoking of old underground fires is guaranteed!”,

said the guys from Kolac.

Groza was formed in 2016 in the Bavarian town of Mühldorf am Inn as a solo project. Immediately the band’s name is associated with Mgla’s first studio album from 2008, and founder P.G. does not hide a great influence on his musical expression.

After two years P.G. gathered the band around him and soon after that their debut album “Unified in Void” was released via AOP Records. Three years after that for the same label, Groza released the album “The Redemptive End” that  will be also promoted in Atom. Fans of bands such as Mgla, Uada or Geara will surely enjoy in what  Germans will serve.
Band members are P.G. on vocals and guitar, as well as his fellow U.A., M.S. is on bass, while behind the drums T.H.Z.

Kolac is a Belgrade black metal band founded in 2006 by singer Zlorog and bassist Grob.

“Kolac started with the simple desire to play black metal the way we loved to listen to it, without inventing and quasi-experimenting.”

So far, Kolac have released several demos, splits and live albums, and two full length albums: “Bastard Son is Dead”, 2011 and “Zauvek crni”, 2014. Besides Zlorog and Grob, the band includes guitarist Omadan IX and drummer Sirius.