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Monday, October 18, 2021

Joy/Disaster have revealed the track-by-track of their new album

Post-punk alt rockers Joy/Disaster have revealed the track-by-track of their new album “From Stars To Angels”, including 14 intimate tracks which trace the evolution of emotions during a period of isolation. “From Stars To Angels” is available on all major platforms on September 10th.

Nicolas Rohr (Author of the lyrics, lead vox and guitar) tells about the tracks:

MEMORIES – Is talking about someone who is enclosed with demons from the past and try to find an escape with love close to him/her.
BLIND – When we feel really good with the person we love but we always remember that each day must be lived like the first.
BREATHE – Sometimes we can see the others with another eye, in this way everything looks confuse and people looks like ghosts.
CERTAINTIES – An open heart to love with all the doubts that this implies.
SOMEWHERE – After a long period of decline you have this time that you feel better and look at the rest of the world like a new person.
CLOSE – An ode to love
TRUST – The fact to live enclose during few weeks and that you finally accept and take pleasure to stand alone.
NATURE – Humans always talk about to make something to save the nature but everything is still continue to decline.
SHINE – A look about the nature, when the time stops and you feel really close to earth.
HOPE – When you are in the hole and that you don’t find a way to climb and survive.
ALLOY – Self introspection with hindsight of few weeks home and all these abject people and informations we watched during the confinement of 2020.
MOMENT – Another vision of this time stopped by force and this wish to wake you up in a changing world.
FACE OFF – An ode to the strength of all women in the world.
BROKEN – Thoughts to one of my friends who died of cancer in January 2020.

Joy/Disaster commented on the recording sessions:

“Composed during the confinement period between March and May 2020, FROM STARS TO ANGELS is an album bringing together very intimate tracks and which traces the evolution of emotions during a period of isolation. Each of us has taken a different look at the world, the media, nature and it is these developments that have given aggressive and melancholic nuances transcribed on these songs.
Given the difficulties in being able to move around, only the drums were recorded in DIY studio conditions but for the rest of the recordings, everyone recorded at home and then sent the tracks for mixing and mastering.”

About the musical style, the band adds:

“We do not respect musical codes, each album is different even if we find common sounds and harmonies, and we’re always trying to find new creative methods to express ourselves through the music.
Every new thing brings joys and disappointments, but that’s why we keep our rock’n roll spirit!”