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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Kalahari’s new single supports who experienced panic attacks

Italy’s Modern Metallers Kalahari have unleashed a brand-new single! The new track is called “Fear Doubles The Blast”.

After talking about conformism and individual freedom with “The Swarm”, the quintet keeps talking about social issues and with the new track it deals with panic attacks.

The singer Nicola Pellacani stated:

“Fear Doubles The Blast” is a frantic metal song that we wrote after some of us experienced panic attacks, so we really wanted to transport its listener and whoever will watch the video into a different mindset, one where every control is lost and the person is completely owned by fear. Panic attacks affect 10 to 15% of people and with this song we want to stand side by side with those who had this terrible experience and let them know it is ok to be fragile sometimes.

Fear can be born within us for reasons out of our own sight. In that moment, real strength resides in those who accept such fear and face it until they are able to defeat it.

Our new song takes inspiration from bands like Lamb Of God, Orbit Culture and Jinjer which we love for their extreme groove and their heaviness, combined with great melodic moments and epic sections. We truly hope this song gets to you and if you feel like helping us out, just share it with your friends!”