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Friday, September 22, 2023

Knife announce new album, “Heaven Into Dust”

There’s a new metal kid in town! Uprising German outfit Knife reveals a blend of speed and first wave black metal sprinkled with punk elements on their new album and Napalm Records debut, “Heaven Into Dust”, out August 25, 2023! Formed in 2019, the band defied the pandemic – quickly establishing their standing in the scene with their acclaimed self-titled debut record, Knife (2021). German Metal Hammer predicted Knife would hit like a torpedo, giving the album an impressive 6/7 rating. Now, the quartet delivers the sharpest blade, obeying the authentic sound of raw extreme metal.

Unveiling the new single and title track “Heaven Into Dust”, the hot mixture settles down in the fierce abysses of speed metal. Shredding demons against the walls, the German quartet set heaven on fire with blood-curdling screams and unstoppable drum passages, and race along with headbang-worthy guitar lines. Eating fan’s souls with their official music video, the aggression of the darkness will drive you right away.

Knife on “Heaven Into Dust”:

“Bangers! The gates have been opened! A storm of raging speed metal will bring you FIRE! The Knife is back! The assault has begun! ‘Heaven Into Dust’!

photo credit: Samira Chiara Tax