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Monday, September 25, 2023

Korax MVD unveils aI-animated lyric video for “Cielo Gris”

Korax MVD is pleased to announce the release of a new animated lyric video for the song “Cielo Gris”, a standout track from their latest EP, “Humo y Espejos”. The video is available for viewing on the band’s official YouTube channel.

By combining AI-driven animation with the band’s distinctive editing, the video represents an innovative blend of visual and sonic elements. The choice to use this specific type of video was motivated by its coherence with the band’s thematic focus, which incorporates science fiction, dark aesthetics, and gothic influences.

Formed in Montevideo in 2020, Korax MVD comprises Natalia Arocena (bass, guitar, and vocals) and André Godlman (samplers, programming, and synthesizers). The band has already made its mark with two released EPs and contributions to several compilation albums.

The song “Cielo Gris” and the EP “Humo y Espejos” are available on various platforms, including Spotify and Bandcamp.