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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Korypheus release newest single “Odysseus”

Kyiv-based progressive metal outfit Korypheus unveils a poignant exploration of stoicism, love, and the realities of wartime with their newest single “Odysseus”, launched on the 17th of September 2023. Reflecting upon the powerful themes of the track, lead singer Andy shares:

“Actually, the wartime itself. People suffer a lot from direct and indirect damages, even those who are far away from the front.”

Korypheus, having previously released the notable single “Icarus” and other tracks like “Artemis” and “Goliath”, has continually shown an ability to meld genres and pull from a wide array of inspirations. On the progression from their previous tracks, Andy elucidates, “Odysseus stylistically continues the theme of Icarus as well as Artemis and Goliath. However, riffs are becoming heavier and more technical.”

The title itself – “Odysseus” – draws from ancient Greek mythology, conjuring images of the epic hero’s long and perilous journey. However, Andy clarifies that their inspiration doesn’t merely replicate these old tales. “The epic poems ‘Iliad’ and ‘Odyssey’ have always been a big inspiration. However, there is no repetition of the well-known subjects as such. In fact, we believe that heroic and, at the same time, humane archetypes live deep inside the consciousness of modern people.”

As fans await Korypheus’ forthcoming LP in 2024, Andy drops hints about the album’s direction.

“We look at our lives as a surreal journey that partly takes place ‘here and now’ but, on the other hand, has already taken place in the past by archetypical heroes like Gilgamesh, Odysseus etc. Fans can expect a similar sound and thematic exploration in the full album.”

The addition of guest vocalist Laura Guldemond from Burning Witches on “Sleeper Under the Hill” further heightens the anticipation.

Given the current socio-political context in Ukraine, it’s hard not to draw connections between their heritage and the depth of emotion found within their songs. Addressing this, Andy shares:

“The current situation cannot but resonate with pain in our hearts and our songs. We do not hide our feelings, and the sufferings of the people permeate our music.”

With an ensemble featuring Andrei Gushin on vocals, Jullian Torse providing extreme vocals, Pavel Shkodiak on bass, Oleg Kokotun on guitar, and Denis Kurov on percussion, Korypheus is a force in the world of modern progressive metal. As they weave stories of the past and present into their songs, they offer a soundscape that’s as evocative as it is immersive. As “Odysseus” resonates, it’s evident that this is but a prelude to the deeper sonic tales they have yet to share.