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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Lamori return with new single and video “Valley of Great Dismay”

Darker, heavier, grittier… ”Valley of Great Dismay” showcases a whole new side of Lamori’s unique take on gloomy and dark gothic metal.

The song is a great representation of what to expect from the new heavier side of the upcoming album “Neon Blood Fire”.

”I absolutely love this one”; says guitarist Marcus Pellas. ”It’s different, but in a good and headbanging way. I think it’s one of the best songs from the album.”

The song, which is the second single of the new album, also features an awesome lyric video to support the release. Lamori has been developing their own take on the goth rock genre for over 10 years now. Combining gothic rock and metal with electronics and dark wave to produce their own neon-lit flavor. Founded in 2009 on the Aland Islands of Finland, the constellation has stayed unchanged – however, their sound is ever-evolving.

“Neon Blood Fire”, the band’s fourth album to be released by Wormholedeath, will refine the soundscapes heard on the 2020 released “Neo Noir”, but also introduce completely new elements to the mix. This album will have some of the heaviest Lamori songs ever heard!