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Thursday, September 28, 2023

LanzerRath to release “Metagalactic Domination”

From the black hole comes LanzerRath. “Metagalactic Domination” offers 7 tracks of ultra-raw and otherworldly black metal. 

Northern Spire Productions will release “Metagalactic Domination” on CD, digital, and cassette formats on July 14th. 

1. A New Torment Begins
2. Supernova Remnants
3. Shackled By Perdition
4. Sin And Innocence
5. Galactic Will Of Oppression
6. Ghosts Of Ruin
7. Through Comstats We Scream (CD Bonus)

LanzerRath was formed in 2018 by founding members “I” and “II”. Their initial vision of a grassroots DIY black metal band that captures the energy and emotion of purely amateur musicians, as in line with the pioneers of the genre, still persists to this day. Through LanzerRath’s first three full-length offerings, they honed their craft, wielding all the tools of the black metal arsenal to create a dynamic soundscape of compelling atmospherics, aggressive riffing, blast beats, and scathing vocals to convey their messages of darkness. Themes of madness, despair, mystery, and misery permeate through their aural universe and have laid the foundation for what’s to come.

“Metagalactic Domination”, the fourth LanzerRath full-length opus delves deeper into the cosmic corridors of their universe, to a realm shed of perception and Earthly bonds. Travel through vicious displays of black metal bludgeoning combined with melodic otherworldly passages into the obscure.