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Friday, March 24, 2023

Last Temptation announce new album “Fuel For My Soul” on 20th May

Last Temptation release new album “Fuel For My Soul” on 20th May, out on Crusader Records.

“Fuel For My Soul” is a great step forward compared to Last Temptation’s first album. Recorded in a week, the band took their time to rehearse the new songs, and had over 40 demos. Eventually, the band narrowed down the tracks to a list of 11 songs they wanted to have on the record.

“Fuel For My Soul” has a very different production style compared to the last album. They recorded live all the rhythm tracks, bass, drums and guitars, and it’s more eclectic as far as the songs go. Last Temptation still maintain the Ozzy/Black Sabbath influences, but add a grungy twist as well as a 80’s vibe with big choruses.

The band aso pushed lead singer Peter Scheithauer with melodies in some lead parts.

“That’s really not what I like but it felt right. I must admit, sound-wise, it’s live again but with better mixing and mastering. We are excited to play these songs live.”