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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Lazarus Fest – The Fourth Coming to be held on October 22nd

On October 22nd, 2022, Lazarus Fest will be held for the fourth time at Dom kulture Lazarevo. Organisers are the citizens’ association “RNR Zona Lazarevo”, with the patronage of the City of Zrenjanin, MZ Lazarevo and KC Zrenjanin. For the first time, the festival will be host to two foreign bands, one from Hungary and one from Croatia. Lazarus Festival remains loyal to the underground and the whole festival is non-profit. This year, it will include the following bands.

Restore (Zrenjanin, Novi Sad / Serbia)
Restore is one of the youngest bands on the Serbian scene right now. Three young girls play hard core as adults. So far they have three singles behind them: “Peace”, “Straight Edge” and “Put za raj”. Restored are: Andrea Radojčić (guitar / vocals), Teodora Medić (bass guitar / backing vocals) and Iva Jeftić (drums).

Sides (Belgrade / Serbia)
Djent has never been too popular or accepted in Serbia. Sides decided to change that. The band relies on Meshuggah / Northlane heritage and currently are working on their first album. So far, they have three singles: “Essence / Voices“, “Bloom“, “Quiet Soul“.

Lednik (Novi Sad / Serbia)
Lednik found their place not just on the Serbian metal scene right after they released their first album “Celestial Monuments“. Besides, they were one of the first bands who supported this festival and played for the first time 5 years ago when the festival idea was born. Lednik are: Dražen Đorđević (guitars), Eduard Tokoš (drums / keys), Alen Habek (guitars), Goran Zečević (bass).

Jenner (Belgrade / Serbia)
Female thrash metal band. So far, they have released an album titled “To Live is to Suffer” and an EP  “The Test of Time”, both for French Infernö Records. Jenner are: Aleksandra Lioness Stamenković (guitars, vocals), Anja Mirković (bass), Selena Simić (drums).

Torn From Earth (Budapest / Hungary)
The band was formed in 2005 almost at the same time as post-metal experienced its global breakthrough led by the bands Isis and Cult of Luna. Since then they have released three EPs: “Torn from Earth”, “Lost and Found”, “Loss”; and one album called “Self”. The band have already played in Serbia performing at the festivals “Ljubav i bes” and “Mount of Artan”, and this year they are visiting for the first time Lazarus Fest! Torn From Earth are: Viktor Hatalyák (guitars, vocals), Ödön Sultz (bass, vocals), Gáspár Binder (drums).

Defiant (Požega /Croatia)
Defiant was created mostly under the influence of the famous Polish blackened death metal scene and bands such as Behemoth, Vader, Hate, Decapitated and others. They have four albums behind: “The End of Beginning”, “Era of Substitution”, “Morbid Spiritual Illness”, “Insurrection Icon”; and they are currently promoting their new EP “Vanguards from Misrule”, which was released on May 27th 2022. Get ready for the most extreme lineup ever seen at Lazarus Fest! Defiant are: Kristijan Krpan (guitars), Tomislav Kuternik (vocals), Sead Hadžić (drums), Khargash (bass).

Violent Chapter (Belgrade / Serbia)
Violent Chapter is one of the pioneers of modern hardcore and metalcore sound in Serbia. The band underwent numerous line-up changes until it finally stabilized in following formation: Uroš Aleksić (drums), Miloš Srnić (guitars), Miloš Marjanović (vocals), Nenad Domuz (guitars), Aleksa Milošević (bass, vocals). The band has two albums behind: “Traces”, “Inverse Midas”, and three EP releases: “Trapped”, “Selfmonument”, “Servitude”. Besides the band, these guys are on a mission to create a scene based on brotherhood through festival that they organize under their name “Decaying With the Boys”. Their performance at Lazarus is the perfect opportunity to connect these two events and strengthen the scene on the route Zrenjanin – Belgrade.

If you want to and if you can, support the festival with donations: 325-9500700031619-10. (recipient: Udruženje ljubitelja rok muzike “RNR Zona Lazarevo”).