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Monday, September 25, 2023

Ledmotiv announce new album

Mainman Viktor Hakan says about “The Man In Silver”:

“In todays Metal world bands tend to take themselves too seriously. I wanted to take a different approach with ‘The Man In Silver’. There’s nothing as charming as a great riff and a light-hearted upbeat song, and I feel we captured the right mood with the music video. Our album ‘An Astronaut’s Diary’ is a musical, and ‘The Man In Silver’ is really only the tip of the iceberg. Some truly dark material lies below it. Just as movies usually start on a lighter note, this song does that for our album, and the plot certainly thickens as the songs come and go.”

Consistently orchestral!

“Marty Friedman is as expensive as you’d expect”, Viktor lets us know about the world-class guitarist, whom he requested as a guest musician for Ledmotiv, “We had a good talk and he liked our songs, but in the end it was too much money for us to put into it.”

“In my former band Kairos, we also toured with U.D.O. – there’s something about that,”

adds the drummer with maximum motivation.

“I thought it was a great opportunity to tour with master Udo in Russia. One pandemic and one invasion later, we all know that this option is not possible for a long time, maybe forever.”

But there are more surprises in store for the Gothenburg-based orchestral metal band:

“Having a word with Mikkey Dee backstage was just impossible with all the girls around him. I did the next best thing, which was to have a nice cold beer with the guitarist from the old-school Thrash band Vio-lence.”

Part of the new album “An Astronaut’s Diary” was recorded with renowned King Diamond guitarist Andy LaRocque, and the music video “The Man In Silver” was filmed by the experienced Patric Ullaeus.

The video was performed by an orchestra that included a very special violin worth no less than 3 million euros.

“When violinist Miguel told me that this violin was so valuable, I said to him, ‘Then I know exactly what we’ll break if we become famous.'”

1. Prologue
2. The Man In Silver 
3. Master Of Simulation 
4. Pressure Still Around Us In A Hollow 
5. No Return, No Recovery 
6. Acclimatization 
7. Reach Out 
8. Ignorance Is Bliss
9. A Thousand Narrators
10. Write Between The Lines