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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Legado de una Tragedia unveiled “Britania” details

Joaquín Padilla, founder of Legado de una Tragedia surprised followers this past Friday during a Facebook live by unveiling many new details of his new opus “Britania”, an EP about the conquer of the British islands by the Roman Empire during the 1st century.

As he explained, this album is a symphonic project recorded exclusively with a symphonic orchestra, lyrical choruses and rock vocals.

“This is my most epic album by far.”

A very excited Joaquin told us as he proceed to confirm, as it’s been the usual, that the Spanish version interpreted by Spanish vocalists (with names such as Chus Herranz, Tete Novoa from Saratoga and Isra Ramos from Avalanch are already confirmed) and unveiled a very surprising new: For the first time in the history of Legado de una Tragedia, there will be a English version interpreted by well-known international bands.


Joaquin states:

“They are incredible artists, the final result is spectacular. Many of them are heroes from my youth”.

The album also will include a instrumental version and a bonus track, being 16 the tracks that made the cut.

Joaquín also announced January 29th, 2021 as the release date.