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Friday, September 22, 2023

Leskentuska released 2nd EP “N​ä​lk​ä​kurki”

Leskentuska is a Finnish metal band formed in 2018 that has so far released two self-produced EPs and played a couple of dozen shows, mainly in Northern Finland.

The band’s music combines black metal, punk rock and strong choruses inspired by the long tradition of Finnish melodic metal. In their live performances, the band focuses on energy, potent song material and a sense of danger typical of live music, without needless technical gimmicks. The four-piece band’s authenticity and tight ensemble playing have been praised by their audiences.

Leskentuska draws on stories from the darkest pages of Finnish history, crime, madness and misery. Uniquely, much of the band’s music is based on scientific research to be published in the near future. In the future, the band plans to use its deep knowledge of history and audiovisual skills to produce music videos and other accompanying material for the enjoyment of listeners.

The “Nälkäkurki” EP, their latest record contains three wild, authentic and raw black metal songs that draw their energy from the darkest yet true stories of Finnish history.

The EP opens with “Den Onda Andan”, a dark, melodic song based on real murder trials from three hundred years ago, in which the perpetrators claimed to have been seduced by the evil spirit. The second song, “Minun murhani”, is a tribute to all those for whom life on earth became too heavy, and whose bodies the church, in its piety, sank into the swamp or buried in the woods to humiliate them.
“Nälkäkurki” concludes this 15-minute journey. “Nälkäkurki” reminds us of our old enemy, the frost that has filled the cemeteries of this land, together with its companions, hunger and pestilence.

Music was recorded, mixed and mastered by Janne Huotari at Space Studios (Lordi, Burning Point). Cover artwork was done by Jomi Kyllönen.