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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Lightchapter explores new sonic territory

In their latest release, “Dance With The Insane,” Danish band Lightchapter explores new sonic territory by incorporating 80’s synth elements into their melodic death metal sound. This commitment to pushing creative boundaries has resulted in a distinct and powerful track that will feature on their upcoming debut album, “Time To Obey.”

During the creation of “Dance With The Insane,” the band focused on the principle of “less is more,” allowing space for each instrument and adding layers to enhance the overall vibe. The band comments:

“This time around, we have made a mutual commitment to challenging ourselves in the creative process. Our primary emphasis was on the fifth instrument, 80’s synth, which serves as the foundation for this track. The initial small synth pattern inspired the remaining instrumentation and the main riffs of the song. Generally speaking, our writing philosophy centers around the principle of ‘less is more’, where we create space for each instrument and add layers to enhance the track’s overall vibe. This approach ensures that the song’s essence remains clear and that the focus is on writing music that stands on its own, with or without additional embellishments. Our uncompromising dedication to songwriting, combined with our love for memorable hooks and powerful breakdowns, defines Lightchapter.”

The themes of Lightchapter’s music delve into the human psyche, exploring personal narratives and relating them to broader, collective themes:

“The perhaps sometimes bleak and dystopian world of our musical, visual, and lyrical universe attempts to describe the narrative of the inherent conflicts and psychological struggles that are part of the human psyche,” says the band. “Our work with this thematic framework comes from deeply personal experiences and seeks to show the depths of the human mind by channeling personal narratives and relating them to more collective themes. With the composition and theme of the song in this case combined with the visuals of the video, we try to touch the audience’s minds and set their imagination free. At the end of the day, the goal is to create an experience that goes beyond the boundaries of pure entertainment. Instead, we try to create a common space for us and the listeners where the human condition is exposed and both the beauty and the demons within us have room to unfold.”

“Dance With The Insane” is the second single from the upcoming album “Time To Obey,” due to be released on May 26th. This track offers a contrast to the first single, “Blind Years,” showcasing the variety fans can expect from the album. The new release is an extension of the universe created in their previous EP, “It All Ends Tonight,” further defining Lightchapter’s unique musical and visual approach: “With this new single, we wanted to present something new, so we decided to go with one of the more 80’s synth inspired tracks from the album, just to let people know about some of the variety they will get when the album comes out. The album defines our musical and visual approach, cementing a new and exciting approach to metal.”

Lightchapter aims to connect with fans through “Dance With The Insane” by offering a track that appeals to both seasoned metal aficionados and newcomers to the genre. The fusion of different sonic elements and the experimental approach to composition create a song that transcends the traditional framework of metal music while remaining true to its roots. With its growls, double bass drums, and unconventional tonalities, Lightchapter challenges the status quo and charts a new path for metal music.

Produced by the legendary Tue Madsen, known for his work with Meshuggah, Sick of It All, Behemoth, and The Haunted, “Time To Obey” promises to be an unforgettable journey through the dark wasteland of the human mind. Be sure to mark your calendar for May 26, 2023, when the album will be available on vinyl and all streaming platforms.

Recommended for fans of Gojira, In Flames, and Bring Me the Horizon, “Dance With The Insane” is a testament to Lightchapter’s innovative approach to melodic death metal and a taste of the exciting journey that awaits listeners on “Time To Obey.”