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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Lost Nebula announces Canadian tour

Mexico’s proggy alt-rock outfit Lost Nebula is setting out on a Canadian tour this summer in support of their latest album “Created In The Image Of God”. This will be the fourth release from the band and it shows a distinct maturity without losing the desire to try new things – on the record, they introduce the use of synths and growls and bolsters songwriting.

Lost Nebula presents an approachable take to metal, infusing their sound with melodic choruses, hardcore breakdowns, both growling and clean vocals, and elements of pop, alternative metal, and prog. They cover familiar topics such as discrimination, dehumanization, and the growing dependency on technology. The band explains the upcoming album in their own words:

“All the music created by Lost Nebula is a reference to human emotions and feelings. In this case, it covers the human experiences of discrimination, which could be from a different way of thinking or a different way of looking at another person, basing it on transhuman people, in colloquial terms, people with prosthetic parts attached to them to enlarge and/or improve life. It goes from melodic prog metal to power ballad, making the distinctive sound of the band. Strident guitars and bass, tight and complex rhythm parts along with a warm female voice and something that has never been done before in the band, growl vocals added to one of the singles.”

Looking to take the complexity of progressive rock music and repackage it into a more commercial version, Lost Nebula went into this new album with an open mind, and tore down their boundaries. It is the most original, pure form of the band and they will surely impress old fans and captivate new ones.

The tour starts on Tuesday, July 19th in Montreal, QC and they will make their way across the country to Nanaimo, BC. Lost Nebula brings a unique show to every gig, and regardless of venue size, creates an immersive, memorable, epic experience.

Melodic, unpredictable, and creative, “Created In The Image Of God” is recommended for fans of Dream Theater, Haken, and Leprous.

“Created In The Image Of God” is available as of July 15th.

Photo: Kinady Navarro