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Monday, November 29, 2021

Loudness are celebrating 30 years of “Soldier of Fortune”

Loudness, legendary Japanese heavy metal band, will release the special edition of “Soldier of Fortune”, an album that marked their career . “Soldier of Fortune” will be released on September 23rd, 2020. 

“Soldier Of Fortune” is the eighth studio album by Japanese heavy metal band Loudness, and their first with American vocalist Mike Vescera,  who joined the band 1988, replacing the original vocalist, Minoru Niihara, who later returned to the band in 2001.

The new edition of “Soldier Of Fortune” includes unreleased demos, original mixes never heard before, videos, presentation on a Japanese TV show and the famous 2015 meeting with vocalist Michael Vescera (Obsession) at the Loud Park Festival, in the city of Chiba, Japan. It is worth to mention that at this festival the band performed under the name Soldier of Fortune.

Vescera left Loudness in 1993 to join Yngwie Malmsteen.

“Soldier Of Fortune” 30th-anniversary edition:

Disc 1

1.  Soldier Of Fortune
2.  You Shook Me
3.  Danger Of Love
4.  Twenty-Five Days From Home
5.  Red Light Shooter
6.  Running For Cover
7.  Lost Without Your Love
8.  Faces In The Fire
9.  Long After Midnight
10.  Demon Disease

Disc 2

1.  Soldier Of Fortune  (raw mix)
2.  You Shook Me  (raw mix)
3.  Danger Of Love  (raw mix)
4.  Twenty-Five Days From Home  (raw mix)
5.  Red Light Shooter  (raw mix)
6.  Running For Cover  (raw mix)
7.  Lost Without Your Love  (raw mix)
8.  Faces In The Fire  (raw mix)
9.  Long After Midnight  (raw mix)
10.  Demon Disease  (raw mix)
11.  Soldier Of Fortune  (karaoke)
12.  You Shook Me (karaoke)
13.  Running For Cover  (karaoke)
14.  Lost Without Your  Love (karaoke)
15.  Long After Midnight  (karaoke)

Disc 3 – Unreleased Demos

1.  Faces In The Fire  (unreleased demo)
2.  Lost Without Your Love  (unreleased demo)
3.  Love Toys  (unreleased demo)
4.  Un-Released 3  (unreleased demo)
5.  Twenty-Five Days From Home  (unreleased demo)
6.  Soldier Of Fortune  (unreleased demo)
7.  Unreleased 4  (unreleased demo)
8.  Red Light Shooter  (unreleased demo)
9.  Unreleased 3 – pre production  (drums by Ampan)  (unreleased demo)
10. Unreleased 4 – pre production  (drums by Dragon)  (unreleased demo)

Disc 4

1.  You Shook Me  (music video)
2.  You Shook Me  (1989 appearance on NHK’s “Just Pop Up” television show)
3.  Faces In The Fire (1989 appearance on NHK’s “Just Pop Up” television show)
4.  Never Again  (live at Loud Park 2015 Festival)
5.  Soldier Of Fortune (live at Loud Park 2015 Festival)