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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Magefa announced the release of their new single “Overdose”

The extreme metal band Magefa (the name comes from Hebrew and means plague, pronounced with a hard G) just announced that they will be releasing their new single “Overdose” in July 27th, 2022.

The new track showcases the musical progress the band has been making over the last years and combines some new exciting elements, melody and groove, compares with the band’s earlier releases.

The band released on March this year the brutal “Back to the Front”, in support of Ukraine.

The song gained many fans and is also to be part of the ‘Grind For Ukraine’ compilation, donated by the band to support Ukraine.

About “Overdose”:

“We are very excited to release “Overdose”. The song represents the “Overdose” of Media, Panik and Conspiracy Theories during the Covid-19 time. We also allowed ourselves to think out of the box musically. The new song is both melodic and brutal and I’m sure Extreme Metal fans will love it .”

About future plans :

“We do have some more great new songs in the making. We will release some new stuff later this year. We have plans for the release of our best tracks on Vinyl for the first time, to be sold on our bandcamp.magefa.com Site.”