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Magefa discusses their latest release “Pathology Calls”

Emerging from Frankfurt, Germany, death metal/deathcore band Magefa has been making waves in the underground metal scene since their formation in 2014. Following the release of their latest single, “Pathology Calls”, the band’s drummer, Kai, discussed their creative process, influences and aspirations.

Influenced by death metal giants like Dying Fetus and Cannibal Corpse, as well as deathcore stalwarts Thy Art Is Murder, Magefa’s sound is brutal and unapologetic. Kai described the band’s creative process, stating that they usually capture new ideas during rehearsals:

“We were inspired by the brutal songwriting of some deathcore bands and created a song in that style with our own interpretation. Our musical inspiration comes mainly from death metal bands like Dying Fetus and Cannibal Corpse, as well as core bands such as Thy Art Is Murder. Regarding our music and songwriting process, we typically capture new ideas during rehearsals, and then Kevin, our Lead Guitarist/Vocalist, prepares a demo structure as the basis for a new song. The song goes through many iterations during rehearsals until we’re all satisfied with the result. Currently, Kevin writes the lyrics, although this may change in the future.
for our latest releases, the music production was done by Presskopp Studio, in collaboration with Kevin and Kai.”

Their latest release, “Pathology Calls”, holds special meaning for the band, as it was written by Kevin, who works in a hospital. The lyrics focus on ‘no hope’ brain tumor patients, highlighting the challenges faced by hospitals and their staff. This theme is not new for Magefa, as it has appeared in their previous songs, such as “Exenteration” and “Instrument Inside”:

“There is a lot in life that can make you rage, and the same goes for the medical field, where you can question certain structures and procedures. Nobody really thinks about hospitals and their staff until they need them.”

Kai believes that “Pathology Calls” fits perfectly into their discography and marks the band’s evolution towards more professional extreme metal productions. Starting with their 2016 demo, “A Peek Into Human Bodies”, the band has released two EPs: “New Era of Darkness” in 2019 and “Exenteration” in 2021. With the Covid-19 pandemic, Kevin and Kai had to search for new members and a rehearsal space, but they are now back and stronger than ever.

“Pathology Calls”, along with its predecessors “Overdose” and “Back to The Front”, will be part of their next experimental extreme metal album, which is currently in the writing phase. The band is experimenting with new ideas and looking forward to finding a label to help them produce vinyl and merch to sell globally.

Since its release in January 2023, “Pathology Calls” has been included in many global metal radio shows, podcasts and YouTube channels, receiving a great reaction from death metal and deathcore fans. Kai hopes that more new listeners will discover their music and support the band.

In closing, Kai expressed gratitude to their fans, saying:

“We would like to thank anyone who follows us or listens to our music! We are doing this just for you, and we are going to give you even more, starting with “Pathology Calls”. Thanks for supporting underground metal!”

Magefa’s “Pathology Calls” is available now on all digital platforms. Be sure to check it out and support this talented and hardworking band as they continue to make their mark in the world of death metal and deathcore.