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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Mandragora Thuringia release video clip for “Rex Silvarum”

The new album “Rex Silvarum” by the epic folk metallers from Mandragora Thuringia has been in the stores for a fortnight now and it seems that the guys are taking the hearts of folk and medieval metal fans by storm with their melodies. Now the Thuringians are going one better and releasing an official video clip with “Rex Silvarum”, the title track of the album. The story about the king of the forest was staged by AllYouCanContent, and the video was shot in Winterberg in North Rhine-Westphalia at the beginning of September. The complete album with 13 songs with stories from the old days, about battles and drinking bouts, on which Robse Dahn (ex-Equilibrium) and Dom R. Cray (Equilibrium, Nothgard) also do the honours on one song each, is available on all common download and streaming platforms, from the band, from MDD Records, in well-stocked shops and the mailorder of your trust.