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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Mandragora Thuringia sign with MDD

Bottoms up! The Thuringian epic folk metallers Mandragora Thuringia have signed with MDD Records and will release their second album in late autumn!

The follow-up to “Der Vagabund” offers everything the folk metal heart desires: hard guitar sounds paired with folk instruments create an intoxicating atmosphere between brute, metallic parts and danceable, driving bagpipe and accordion melodies.

The whole thing is rounded off with epic keyboards, choirs or strings, which carry the emotions of the songs and spread goosebumps. You can expect 13 varied songs that tell stories of old days, tell of battles or invite you to drink. If you want to get an idea in advance, you can find a few upcoming live dates and of course you can listen to the band’s previous releases on the usual platforms! Stay tuned, more info coming soon!