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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Marble released a new lyric video titled “30 Silver Coins”

The melodic metal band from north Italy Marble have released a new lyric video for the song “30 Silver Coins”.

Band states:

“30 Silver Coins’ is our third single taken from the album “S.A.V.E.” The main subject is the theological virtue “Hope”. Here we tried to describe the reasons behind Judas Iscariot betrayal as a man, beside God’s or Devil’s will (as written in John’s Gospel). The 30 silver pieces of silver were paid to Judas by the Priests for selling Jesus to the soldiers.

The meanings behind the song are the fallen hopes of Judas, how all the words Jesus told were only lies and the vision of salvation is just a mere illusion. But Judas is still sad, and in the chorus he sings his sadness to the priests, describing the void left by the “Son of God”, without mentioning him directly. Musically we wrote up-tempo, with lots of double bass drum in the main riff and a thrash approach for the verses, while the choruses and the leads parts, maintain our trademark melodic style.”