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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Marenna releases music video and prepares for new album release

Picture by Roger Clots

The Brazilian hard rock and melodic rock were never the same after the promising band Marenna, led by the very talented singer/composer Rod Marenna, appeared overwhelmingly on the scene in 2014.

The band, because of its extremely high quality material, got a contract with the Danish label Lions Pride Music to release “My Unconditional Faith” (EP/2015) and “No Regrets” (Album/2017), and now, September 30th, the long-awaited fourth album of the career, “Voyager”. In Brazil, it will be distributed through a partnership between the labels Classic Metal Records and Heavy Metal Rock.

The first full taste of “Voyager” was the vibrant music video for the song “Breaking The Chains”, released last month, and now it’s time to release “Wait”, second single, also made available with a beautiful and romantic music video.

Watch “Wait (Official Video)”:

“The concept of this new video revolves around adult relationships”, comments Rod Marenna. The story is based on a couple in crisis, starring actors Mike Almeida and Fernanda Pires, who over time rediscover love to the point where the couple give each other a new chance to thrive away from old mistakes. “The moral of the story is to show the glaring difference in the way problems are handled in different generations. In the old days things were mostly solved through conversation and reflection, but today anything is a reason for humiliation or even criminal acts of all kinds”, concludes the singer.

Luks Diesel, keyboardist and co-writer of “Wait”, comments saying that “the composition of this track was like a test to see if I could – after so long – contribute with something on the level of Marenna’s composition. I am very happy to have this song on the album and even more to see it in a beautiful music video.”

Concept by Rod Marenna and Johnny Brando
Directed and edited by Johnny Brando
Music by Luks Diesel and Rod Marenna
Lyrics by Rod Marenna and Beto Sassarrao (Hot Foxxy)
Vocals line produced and recorded by Arthur Appel (Broken Glass Studios)
Mixing and mastering by Jonas Godoy (Linha Sonora Studios – Caxias do Sul/RS)
Produced by Mauro Caldart

“Voyager”, the band’s fourth album contains 11 songs (and an exclusive bonus track for the European physical edition) overflowing with energy and identity added to a crystal clear and current production. “Breaking The Chains” and “Wait”, first singles released, represent very well this new more mature phase that the band has been developing in recent years, and brings the striking touch of Marenna’s concise DNA inserted in a well-balanced mix of heavy elements of heavy metal and melodic rock in high doses of melody.

The energy, typically 80’s choruses and the sound influenced by the great past/classic bands (also current ones) make “Voyager” one of the most awaited albums of this year.

“I believe I was able to gather the best songs and work with the best team of professionals, in the most efficient and feasible way possible, even though everything was done remotely. The result exceeded all our expectations, which are the best for this release”, concluded Rod Marenna.

Check out the teaser of all tracks from “Voyager” on:

On November 19th, at RedStar Studios, formerly Espaco Som, in Sao Paulo, starting at 7pm, Marenna will play its exclusive “Voyager” release show plus the band Adellaide – castmate of Lions Pride Music – in a special night for Hard Rock/AOR lovers in its purest essence.

For fans of: Whitesnake, Skid Row, Dokken, Def Leppard, Journey, Bon Jovi, Eclipse, H.E.A.T.