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Marianas Rest release third single and lyric video for “Pointless Tale”

Finnish melodic death/doom metal strikers Marianas Rest will release their third grand studio album, “Fata Morgana”, this Friday, March 12 via Napalm Records, impressively showcasing their dedication to merging heavy riffs, hypnotizing soundscapes and impetuous tempo-changes into a heartfelt force once more.

As their final harbinger, the six-piece now unveils its intense, third offering, “Pointless Tale”. Along with a visually palpable lyric video, this inexorable track draws the listener even deeper into the maelstrom and essence of Marianas Rest : A scream of despair shaking to the core immediately draws the listener into a dark vortex and gets the song started without making any compromises. While deep growls and doomy tunes pervade the verse, the chorus unleashes an incarnate furious beast, smashing its despair and hopelessness out to the world.

Jaakko Mäntymaa on their third single:

“’Pointless Tale’ tries to sum up the desperation that you sometimes feel when looking at how this world works. It is easy to break structures that someone has spent a lifetime building. And a lot of the time we build things without stopping to think what for.”