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Martyrium unveils details from their new blasphemous release “Lamia Satanica”

Extreme metallers Martyrium are back with new details for their long-awaited new album “Lamia Satanica” coming out on March 19th 2021 via Art Gates Records. The character portrayed on the cover is Lamia. Recalls the legend of Lamia, a mythological Greek figure turned monster, embodying a tragedy of love, of hate, betrayal, salvation and vengeance. Lamia Satanica ushers the listener in a dark world of classic antiquity, where gods and men are one in their strengths and weaknesses, a universe where the divine clashes with the profane, and where the ultimate destiny of all is one of tragedy. This new opus contains vocals by the new female growler Sandra Misanthrope.

In words of the band:

“We are thrilled that Sandra has rejoined our family and we look forward to a new successful chapter to our story.”

Curse of Salvation
Emanation of Souls
In Somnium Mortuum
Starless Opacity
Secret Book of Baal
A Stain on Hera’s Throne
Betrothed to Damnation
Venom Divine
End of My Realm
Order of the Fly