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Mass Insanity release cover song of The Exploited

Mass Insanity is a Polish death metal band working on the Polish metal scene since 2003. They released three studio albums: “The Hypochrist” (2011), “Antihuman” (2015) and “Maveth” (2019). Music group from Chojnice created their version of The Exploited song and shared a message to the fans.

Band commentary:

“After a six-month pause, we want to remind people of Mass Insanity. We were robbed, our equipment and merchandise were taken and we were forced to change the place of rehearsals. Let this cover be a message that it’s not enough to take away our desire to play. Mass Insanity is our baby, our hobby, we do it for ourselves and at our own pace, the break was needed, but the desire to create came back. We felt the hard way that the system was sick, that in the situation we found ourselves in, we were alone, without real help from the authorities. To express our feelings, we chose the song “System Fvcked Up” by the punk rock legend The Exploited, which is perfect for the occasion, let it be our manifesto against the people who robbed us and against the system that did not want to help us”.

Song was recorded, mixed and mastered by Viehu at Antihuman Studio and will be availabe on “Exploited Grindy Army – A Blast Beat Tribute to the Exploited” compilation, which will be released via The Hills Are Dead Records.