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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Matt Miller released video for “The Acheron”

Photo Credit – Tony Reviere

Akademia-Award-winning producer, engineer, and songwriter Matt Miller side-steps these industry achievements to embark on something deeply introspective and personal; a transcendent, reactionary and vile personage embodying soaring progressive melodies and captivating crushing rhythms, which engulf the listener in black clouds of desperation and shimmering hope. His latest instrumental album “Monument of Velocity” is the sixth out of seven in his discography, which boasts three originals and four covers. As an instrumental artist, he believes it allows me more freedom not only creatively but also as a performer. He intends for his music to feel unrelenting to the audience. He comments on the album and the single “The Acheron”:

“Most of “Monument of Velocity” was written without a guitar. After the initial riffs were recorded, the rest of the song was written during the notation process. The album takes you on a journey and makes a bold statement. I like to think of the songs on the album as scenes from a movie. “Acheron” is a joyous expression that slowly turns into something much more prolific.”

Miller expects “Monument of Velocity” to go over well as it has a lot to offer metal fans of all genres and encompasses the best elements of technical guitar playing while still having well-written songs. Most of the album was written without a guitar. This approach forces Miller to think outside the box creating a sound that is more melodic and rhythmically interesting.

Soaring, crushing, ferocious, and emotive, Miller conveys a wide range of tones throughout his instrumental music. It is recommended for fans of Dragon Force, Racer X, and Jeff Loomis.

“Monument of Velocity” was released on July 19, 2022 via Blood Blast Distribution (powered by Nuclear Blast and Believe Digital).