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Monday, September 25, 2023

Max Enix presents “Angels of the Apocalyptic Storm”

Visionary musician and composer Max Enix is proud to present the mesmerizing lyric video for “Angels of the Apocalyptic Storm”, a powerful track from his album “Far From Home”. The lyric video, accompanied by the enchanting piano talents of special guest Derek Sherinian, delves into profound themes of societal corruption, division, and destruction, urging for peace, justice, and a transformative shift in mindset.

With thought-provoking lyrics that resonate deeply, “Angels of the Apocalyptic Storm” serves as a poignant call to action. Max Enix’s evocative verses weave a tapestry of emotions, highlighting the plight of those affected by human trafficking, pollution, and other social issues. The song urges listeners to engage in introspection, reject oppression and cruelty, and work towards a world where everyone can thrive.

Max Enix’s album “Far From Home” is a true musical masterpiece that defies genre conventions. It skillfully fuses progressive-symphonic-post rock/metal with elements of film score, world/New Age, hip-hop, jazz, and other international varieties. The result is a captivating avant-garde sound that takes listeners on an extraordinary sonic journey they have never experienced before.

The lyric video for “Angels of the Apocalyptic Storm” was created in collaboration with Volume Agency.