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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Medjay releases a new album titled “Cleopatra VII”

The album features 12 amazing songs and takes veteran fans and new listeners on an incredible journey through ancient Egypt.

Band stated:

“In detail, Cleopatra the Seventh (Cleopatra VII) is seen as a symbol of feminine power and wisdom. And yes, there were several “Cleopatra” in history, but the most notorious is the one we refer to, the Seventh!

Differently from Hollywood’s perspective in which Cleopatra’s legacy was justified by her seduction skills, she was raised amongst the rich book collection of Alexandria, has mastered at least seven languages and possessed great intellectual culture. The “Qyeen of Kings” has absolutely been, and may still be considered one of the most influential women in history if we bring to light her achievements in life and her reign in Egypt.”

The band Medjay was formed in 2018 in the city of Belo Horizonte. Its founder and bassist Samuka sought to create an authorial band where he could put in his lyrics and concept the richness of Egyptian history.

The band makes a power metal with influences of Arab musicality and seeks to provide in their shows an immersion into this rich culture. For that, it counts with participation of Arab percussions and belly dancing.