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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Melechesh are currently working on their 7th studio album

Good news from the Melechesh camp: the black/death metal band are currently working on their 7th studio album and follow-up to “Enki” (2015)!

In addition, frontman and founder Ashmedi is happy to announce that he was given the first of two shots of the Pfizer COVID vaccine just before Christmas. The second and final one will be given to him in the following week.

Ashmedi states:

“Due to a preexisting respiratory condition I was eligible and given the vaccine. I’m now at 50 % immunity… After the next one it will climb to 95%. I’d rather get the vaccine than the disease as I personally know several people who have passed away, I also know many who got Covid 19 and survived, some suffered, some had very mild symptoms. I had no side effects from the vaccine aside from the expected sore arm… The nurse asked: ‘Which arm do you use more? Left or right handed? So we can give you the jab on the other arm’. I said: ‘I’m a guitar player I use both simultaneously.’ I have very close scientist friends, biology and chemistry PhDs working in the pharmacological research… And they assured me science is sound. My long time family physician and his daughter, who is a doctor as well, were there and took it, too, right before I did. Let’s hope this will offer some relief to everyone very soon.”