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Membrance pay tribute to lost sailors in new music video “Marubio”

Extreme Metal Music – Venice’s Membrance Pay Tribute To Lost Sailors In New Music Video “Marubio” Off New Album “Undead Island”

Italian death metallers Membrance are unleashing their second single “Marubio” accompanied by a new music video to support the release of their new album “Undead Island” due out on June 23rd 2023 via Extreme Metal Music, a subsidiary of Rockshots Records.

“Here in Venice, we say Marubio when there is bad weather coming, the sky darkens, the wind rises, and you can hear the thunder from the darkest clouds grouping overhead. It often comes from the sea. Anyone who doesn’t pay attention to the marubio risks a very bad time or worse. The folklore of the dead at sea or in the lagoon is the oldest and most are handed down to the generations so that we can remember, and with this song, we want to sing a tribute to the most heartfelt among sailors and Venetians.” 

“Undead Island” is the materialization and the channeling of all the ideas and energies expressed so far by Membrance in a unique and well-defined tangible direction. The band has partly abandoned the death n roll influences to give more space to inject black metal and has limited the progressive digressions to have more direct and compact tracks. The lyrical path of the full length is influenced by everyday life, dealing with themes not only of the band’s personal ones but also sometimes not discussed in metal music in general.

With these premises, the band is absolutely sure that their fans will appreciate this work more than its predecessors, and Membrance is equally sure that with this album they will push messages in equal measure to what they have always pushed mainly with the music.

The band adds:

“We want to offer an experience of deep anger, like being able to identify with an innocent prisoner kicking and screaming behind steel bars. We want to bring to the mind of anyone who listens to us the auspicious lagoon folklore that is fading away and to recall the times of a Serenissima that made us proud of our city but which is now almost forgotten. With this record, we want to convey our frustration and anger in our impotence and make people feel all the strength and energy we still have to fight, scream and cling tooth and nail to what we have left of our memories so as not to lose it permanently.”