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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Metal Blade Records welcomes Cognitive

“It is with immense pleasure that we announce our signing to Metal Blade Records!,” says Cognitive guitarist Rob Wharton. Formed in New Jersey in 2011, Cognitive’s intent on creating bone-shattering death metal, devastating everything in its path with abstract dissonant melodies and time signatures, is the definitive metal statement needed for 2022.

After releasing an EP and full length, Cognitive signed to Unique Leader Records in 2016 and released their album “Deformity”, which showed the bands dedication to their craft within a tale about their home states own legend about the Jersey Devil. Ramping up their tour schedule, the band continued to write and push themselves within the genre with technicality, speed, brutality, and songwriting, which came to shine through even more on the 2018 release Matricide, which displayed more focused effort while increasing speed and technicality even more. The band wasted no time in their touring schedule and hit the road supporting Fit for an Autopsy, Rivers of Nihil, Through the Eyes of the Dead, Vulvodynia, Lorna Shore and others, along with an appearance at Maryland Deathfest. Cognitive has become a touring machine with one goal in mind – always move forward.

Now with the release of their new album “Malevolent Thoughts of a Hastened Extinction”, the band has displayed more diversity and song writing more than ever, and proves yet again they are never scared to explore new concepts musically and explore new territory.