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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Metal Church reelased second single and video

US thrash metal veterans Metal Church have released another song from their upcoming 13th studio album, “Congregation of Annihilation”. The new track “Making Monsters” puts the musicianship of new vocalist Marc Lopes, founding guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof, guitarist Rick Van Zandt, bassist Steve Unger and drummer Stet Howland on full display in 2023. The new song comes on the heels of the recently released “Pick A God and Prey” which jumped over 100K views in 3 weeks and shows the band is still converting new fans even today. “Making Monsters” is available via all digital service providers and a static visualizer for the new song can be seen below.

About “Making Monsters,” Kurdt Vanderhoof comments:

“Keeping with the Metal Church tradition of combining the heavy and aggressive sound of thrash metal while injecting a good dose of melody and hooks, ‘Making Monsters’ is a track that showcases what we have done for over 30 years. It has the comfort of old school Metal Church while showcasing how our signature sound has evolved. The band is firing on all cylinders.”

Marc Lopes adds:

“Just a dark, creepy, heavy ass driving tune that is lyrically based from the book Making Monsters: The Uncanny Power of Dehumanization by David Livingstone Smith – a truly terrifying read. It’s based on actual real-life research. The dehumanizing of others that transforms them into something so terrifying that they must be destroyed. Deep, philosophical and psychological stuff here, just another day in my train of thought.“

“Congregation of Annihilation” is scheduled for release on May 26th via Rat Pak Records (America) and Reaper Entertainment (Europe). The features nine all new tracks from Metal Church and continues to build upon their iconic sound the band established over three decades ago. Infused with intelligent lyrical content, thundering guitar riffs, and Marc’s aggressive soaring vocals, “Congregation of Annihilation” furthers the band’s sonic evolution up to the next level and is guaranteed to enthrall metal music fans around the world. From the first guitar riff of album opener “Another Judgement Day” through the driving outro of album closer “All That We Destroy”, it is clear Metal Church is back and better than ever. “Congregation of Annihilation,” “Children of the Lie” and “These Violent Thrills” showcase the sonically charged songwriting that made the early Metal Church albums such fan favorites. The album also features two bonus tracks: “My Favorite Sin” and “Laughter”.

1. Another Judgement Day
2. Congregation of Annihilation
3. Pick A God and Prey
4 Children of the Lie
5. Me The Nothing
6. Making Monsters
7. Say a Prayer with 7 Bullets
8. These Violent Thrills
9. All That We Destroy
10. My Favorite Sin (Bonus Track)
11. Laughter (Bonus Track)

Photo Credit: Rat Pak Records