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Monday, September 25, 2023

Metalite release new single “Disciples Of The Stars”

Metalite have announced the release of their forthcoming studio album. “Expedition One” has been scheduled for release via AFM Records in January 2024.

In order to translate the vision of a thoroughly impressive concept album into reality, a band requires not only an exciting theme and a number of haunting songs but also plenty of musical experience and skill. All these criteria apply to “Expedition One”, that tells a fictitious story about life on our planet in the year 2055.

“Expedition One” inspires with a wide range of diverse compositions and an intelligent sci-fi story that couldn’t be more topical. In addition, their fourth release manifests the musicians’ amazing artistic development. Metalite’s visionary sci-fi trip is told over sixteen multi-faceted songs that combine the quintet’s many strengths: powerful and at the same time delicate guitar riffs and solos, anthemic melodies courtesy of vocalist Erica Ohlsson, driving rhythms and cleverly positioned keyboard parts.

“In the past four or five years, our sound has evolved considerably,” explains Edwin Premberg, mastermind and producer of the band, which was founded in 2015. “The quality of our production in particular has progressed considerably since our debut.”